Welcome to our new forum!

Our members demanded a forum, here it is!

We also like the idea to use a forum as a platform for discourse!

Feel free to ask any questions and raise topics related to OpenIoT’s activities!


Hi Stefan,
great that OpenIoT has now an own forum. For my understanding: does this replace the community on slack? The topics here are similar.


Slack is a live collaboration tool, somehow a replacement to chat (IRC originally). Please note that messages on Slack are volatile, they disappear/are deleted automatically after some months. It’s therefore more for ad hoc conversation or for use within project teams.

The forum will keep messages. It can be found for reference at any time. There are some topics that are interesting to watch for long term.

So the main difference is how long Slack/Forum store messages. In a forum they can also be found by Google and others.
Personally I like the way how Discourse sends daily updates in a digest email. It easy to handle a number of discussions in this way.