New OpenIoT Gateway in Prottes, NÖ

We are happy to announce that a new Gateway for our LoRaWAN network has been installed in Prottes (near Gänserndorf).

This gateway should support coverage in the northern and eastern Weinviertel.

Thanks to collaboration with Austrian Ham Radio Operators we were able to mount an IMST ic880a Raspberry Pi Gateway with LoRix antenna about 12 metres above ground. Special thanks to Simon OE3FSS for providing access to this site. Thanks to Jakob, Andreas R., and Manfred for support with the installation. Internet uplink is done using Funkfeuer.

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Looks nice on TTNmapper!

Thanks guys!!

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well, not yet… still needs to receive receive some (mapping)data :upside_down_face:

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Well detected - no packets since our testing… We will check it soon.


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so what is it up there - if not the antenna? still not that big a radius mapped, and i doubt you have left there without a mapper-node running… … :wink:

It’s a bit desperate here, until now the installation of our gateways worked without problems.

The description of the problem is:
Signals are only heard from nearby (few hundret metres). RSSI values are normal though, so we don’t suspect an attenuation problem.

That’s what we have done so far:

  • Antenna: checked
  • Cabling: checked
  • Pigtail (N -> u.fl) -> we were not able to check or replace it yet
  • ic880a board: replaced yesterday

So it can only be the Pigtail cable or the position of the antenna.

Unfortunately time does not permit any more visits in January - will be February for the next steps…

yeah… sounds and looks like „no antenna“, so assuming you don’t have two lemons of a defective concentrator-batch it gotta be the pigtail.

so in this case: good to have the gateway not on top of the tower… :relaxed:

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If I am not wrong it should be now finally working fine since Friday :slight_smile:

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Since @Andreas recently changed the adapter pcb it works now like a charm :wink:

Thanks for mounting it, @simon

We see a massive amount of packets (> 32.000/day) beeing received, all SF12 on NetID 0x00 or 0x01. :astonished:

field laboratory of the big K on the A5? :hugs::rofl: … (marchfeld rather, after a closer look :face_with_monocle:)