Lightning protection for Gateways

Cisco recommends to use lightning arrestors for its LoRaWAN gateway (ACC-LA-G-TM-TF). I think that’s not a bad idea and I already thought about possibilities to protect my PoE switch at home since it powers an IC880+RPi over a PoE-microsUSB Adapter.

There are solutions available for antenna port as well as for Ethernet ports.

Maybe we should consider something like this for our OpenIoT gateways? How is that done @Funkfeuer or @HamRadios?


both types are in use.

With Amateurfunk it’s mainly the variant for HF (similar types to your post) while Funkfeuer uses mainly Ethernet based solutions (eg.

For the Gateway in Prottes we specifically used this part:

Some devices in Funkfeuer handle over-voltage inside the antenna or power supply. At minimum they then have a grounding cable. (Not all devices with grounding have overvoltage compensation support though)