Gateway Workshop - Doodle now available!

There was high interest in holding another Gateway Workshop in January (or February). If you are interested to participate, please tell us using Doodle when you are available.

This is the link to Doodle:

This is a suggestion for the agenda (let’s use the Forum and discuss, if you want to add something).

  • short general introduction on Gateways
  • configuration options
  • configuration workshop!

Potentially (depending on date & time) we can also immediately drive to an installation site and bring one or the other Gateways online! :wink:

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I would like to configure my gateway during this workshop. So I need to know what are the needed parts for a Raspberry Pi based gateway?
If somebody knows good sources to get the parts right in time it would be great to post this here.

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for Raspberry based Gateways you will need (beside Raspberry Pi, SD card, Power Supply & Case (depending on your type of installation)):

We have bought the IMST ic880a lately with Retronic ( which worked well. They recognize us already, so tell them that you are coming from OpenIoT.


This would be great if you reserve this for me. I think I will also this antenna?

Good point: the antenna is fine for indoor.

For outdoor we use these types successfully:

I forgot to mention the IMST Lite Gateway: it includes a Raspberry Pi and IMST ic880a concentrator plus metal case and adapter board.
It’s complete for an indoor gateway (antenna und power supply is separate):
This is a good option for a quick start.

Thanks Stefan, I like this option becasue it is a out of the box solution, which can be used for indoor and outdoor use with the appropriate antennas.
On the other hand it is possible to make an own configuration becasue the solution is based on Raspberry Pi. btw. @stefan do you know which version of Raspberry Pi is used?

The IMST Lite Gateway uses an pretty old Pi2 (which is super slow and has no WiFi on-board) -:frowning:
On our OpenIoT - IMST Lite Gateway the Pi got damaged so I replaced it with a Pi3 :rocket:. The replacement was quite easy and now it boots up much faster and has WiFi inside.
Also take care with that GW since it has NO power regulator if you power it via the power plug/connector in the casing - providing more than 5V(cheap PowerBank) will most likely kill the Pi or the IC880a - I think that happened to our GW, so I installed an USB cable to power it via the Pi USB-plug.

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I will bring our IMST Lite GW to the Gateway workshop next week as we will show all variants that we have available. You can take an in-depth look there :wink: