RPi IC880a Gateway Antenna Port

The IC880a board we are using for our gateway uses a u.fl connector for the LoRa antenna by default.

Since the board is prepared to solder a SMA plug I’d suggest doing that for our gateways:
The SMA connector costs about 0,20€, it can be done very quickly and the SMA connector is much better and stable than the u.fl. What do you think?

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if there’s enough room in the housing - for sure it’s preferable …

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fyi: we will get a few SMA 90° connectors so we have them available.

Thanks for the idea!

We now have 30 connectors available for testing/production - If you need one just let me know, or join one of our gateway workshops!

Hi…these messages are ‘normal’ due to SPI timing issues with the RPi3. If you wait for a few minutes the gateway should start. However, as Borroz correctly observed, you need to update the configuration (create an applicable local_conf.json) as your current configuration does not point to TTN.

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